399.00  lei un.

Śnieżka SATIN is a paint for interior use, manufactured by taking advantage of innovative technology – Polumers Protection, as well as top quality resins and pigments. As a result of this formula, it ensures incredibly durable coats, which allow to preserve an ideal look and colour of walls. Due to subtle satin finishing, it’s recommended to be used on smooth and flat wall surfaces. The paint has unique coatings, which are resistant to washing and scrubbing, hence removal of stains and dirt is almost effortless. Its special features prevent the paint from splattering during painting and allow to apply the paint easily with excellent covering properties.
The paint is intended for decorative and protective painting of interior walls and ceilings made of cement, cement and lime, lime, gypsum plasters as well as cardboard gypsum panels, wooden and wood-based, wallpapers, including fibreglass ones. Due to unique properties and durability, the paint is recommended to be used in areas particularly exposed to dirt such as, for example; passageways, corridors, private and office premises, living and dining rooms.
Efficiency: to 14 m²/l with one layer only
Coat finish: satin